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Chicago Transit Authority’s New Digital Ad Network

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is partnering with Intersection, a technology and media company, to create one of the country’s largest digital advertising networks adding 130 digital out-of-home displays throughout the CTA transit system. According to Intersection, the enhanced network will improve the experience for CTA customers, drive new revenue for the CTA, and unlock dynamic, context-driven digital opportunities for advertisers in one of the world’s top media markets.

Chicago Transit Authority’s New Digital Ad Network 3
The expanded network will be funded by Intersection and deployed over the next two years, expanding the existing CTA network from 283 digital displays to more than 400 digital out-of-home displays. Sixty of the new displays will be in stations throughout the system, with 70 new digital urban panels located on-street before customers enter the system. Intersection will also replace 159 existing digital platform displays.

“Intersection is committed to transforming the transit experience in cities around the world by bringing digital into the physical world, and we are thrilled to build on our partnership with the CTA to position Chicago at the forefront of transit innovation,” said Scott Goldsmith, President, Cities and Transit, Intersection. “With hundreds of intelligent new displays and more than one million customers each day, this new digital network creates a platform for advertisers, brands, and the CTA to deliver more tailored, engaging, and ultimately, more useful experiences to customers.”

CTA customers will also benefit from responsive transit information on the new digital network, including real-time train arrival times, service updates, and emergency alerts, to make navigating the rail system more seamless and enjoyable. Digital urban panels located at street-level station entrances will also provide helpful information to customers before they enter the system.

Source: Screen Source Media