Digital Infrastructure

Landmark Dividend’s Digital Infrastructure Division is focused on acquiring mission-critical data center assets across North America and selectively in Europe, Asia and Central/South America. We are building a diversified portfolio of Enterprise, Colocation/Cloud, Wholesale, and Switch data centers resulting in contractual, long-term, and escalating cash flows for our investors.

Sale-Leaseback Opportunities for Owner/Operators – Monetizing a Non-Cash Flow Asset for Data Center Operators: The Digital Infrastructure Division will work with you to structure the most attractive sale-leaseback (full or partial) for your existing data center, allowing for the monetization of the real estate portion of your investment. The monetization of the real estate component of a data center allows our partners to reinvest this stranded capital into their core business and run their data center operations more efficiently and effectively, while benefiting our investors who seek real estate investments.

Investment Sales – Helping Investors to Quickly and Efficiently Exit Their Long-Term Investments: The Digital Infrastructure Division will work with current landlords to purchase their real estate interest in data center properties throughout North America. Please see our investment criteria section to determine if your data center would be a potential target for acquisition.

Sale / Partial Leasebacks – Providing our Tenants with the Flexibility They Seek: In addition to 100% occupied properties, the Digital Infrastructure Division structures transactions with enterprise data center users to monetize underutilized facilities and reduce what are typically high operating expenses while also creating value for our investors.

Operational Component – The Digital Infrastructure Division has teamed up with BCS (FM) Solutions as Landmark’s preferred facilities management partner to provide exceptional services to our Enterprise or Wholesale data center users who are seeking to enter a sale / leaseback or sale / partial-leaseback on an as needed basis. We will work with any other qualified facilities management partners if our tenants have a pre-existing relationship.

For any inquiries regarding data center acquisitions or sale / leaseback transactions, please reach out to John Dobo at (813) 882-5768 or via email at