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Egg McMuffin Rises With The Sun on Clever Billboard

You probably remember McDonald’s famous, Grand Clio-winning sundial billboard created by Leo Burnett almost a decade ago, which used the sun’s shadows to suggest what you should be eating and drinking at certain times. Now, here’s a kind of sequel—a McDonald’s billboard from Canada that’s likewise in harmony with the movements of the sun. It’s a digital billboard for the Egg McMuffin, which rises into view just like the sun in the morning.

New York City Installing Free WiFiCossette in Vancouver created the board, and tells us it started out as an entry in an out-of-home contest called Carte Blanche. (Creatives propose ideas for real clients; the winning team gets a trip to Cannes, and the winning client gets $50,000 worth of free media space in its city.) The Cossette/McDonald’s team won the contest, and then executed the ad for real.

“The digital board was synced to sunrise times over the course of the buy, with each frame lined up as best as we could get it,” a Cossette rep tells us. A bright idea, indeed.

Source: Adweek