Enterprise Solutions

Businesses and institutions are constantly evaluating how best to exceed their goals. These efforts include identifying more effective ways to access and apply capital when and where it’s needed.

The path is rarely simple. Challenges to success can include timing, term and cost.

In response, decision-makers are looking more frequently than ever toward new, previously unconsidered financial alternatives and partnerships. For instance, monetizing existing assets to unlock value allows capital to be more effectively applied elsewhere within the business. Also, the adoption of Public/Private Partnerships (P3s) to share risk and reward offers new solutions to existing needs that can also generate opportunities.

Landmark Dividend is an excellent choice for creative business and institutional leaders looking for new ways to solve problems and create opportunities. We are experts at unlocking value and providing capital to help business and institutional leaders meet and beat expectations.

Capital. Creatively Applied.

Landmark Dividend Provides Capital for Infrastructure in Multiple Ways:

  1. Infrastructure Project Funding – Provide long term funding with customized, client-centric terms. Landmark Dividend and client will undertake a structured sale/leaseback of the asset upon project completion. The asset reverts back to the client at term end.
  2. Monetization of Existing Assets – A mutually agreeable asset value is assigned and a corresponding lump sum payment is provided to the client. A structured long-term lease follows. Landmark takes a real-property interest (i.e. Easement) in the asset which subsequently reverts back at term end.
    1. Transactions can be modified for entities that are unable to transfer a fee/easement interest.
  3. Capitalization of Existing Revenue Streams – Acquires existing ground leases/ rental stream streams for a lump sum cash payment based on a net present value calculation on existing lease payments over the remaining lease term.
  4. Fund Renewable Power Development – Finance land and other improvements. Landmark’s sale lease-back model can preserve capital and equity since land purchases are not typically covered by investment tax credits.

    Revenue Sharing Consideration – Revenue sharing as part of the structured funding effort. Considered on a case-by-case basis for both planned and existing infrastructure projects.

    Typical Transaction Structure:

    • Triple Net (NNN) Long-term Operating Leases
    • Base term- 15 to 50 years with accommodations for extensions
    • Lease Escalations-Annually or every Five years
    • Payment Frequency-Monthly or annually, payable in advance

    Industries We Serve:

    • Higher Education/Universities
    • State and Local Government
    • Utilities
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Commercial Developers
    • Transportation
    • Oil and Gas
    • Renewables (Solar and Wind)

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