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4G Networks Get a Boost in North America

September 11, 2015

Ceragon Networks of Israel is helping North American mobile operators expand their 4G networks with a new IP-20 wireless backhaul microwave platform which works with the companies’ remote site legacy products. This helps the carriers meet the ever increasing network traffic demands by improving spectral efficiency and reducing implementation times.

Network operators are deploying new technologies throughout their networks in order to bring capacity to subscribers wherever they may be. Small cells deliver concentrations of capacity in focused areas while super-sized macro cells aggregate far greater volumes of data than ever before. TDM networks are being eclipsed by higher capacity packet networks. At the same time, voice-oriented 2G has become data-oriented 3G, which is now giving way to high-speed and high-capacity 4G/LTE.

“We are extremely pleased to see our North American customers embracing the IP-20 platform in their 4G networks expansion projects”

Wireless Operators Expanding 4G NetworksOperators are seeking cost-effective, high-capacity and manageable solutions to the burgeoning hauling challenges of their evolving heterogeneous networks (HetNets).

IP-20 is a service-centric microwave platform for HetNet hauling. The platform includes a full complement of wireless products that provide innovative, market-leading backhaul and fronthaul solutions.

Powered by a software-defined engine and sharing a common operating system, CeraOS, the IP-20 platform delivers ultra-high capacities while supporting any radio transmission technology, any network topology and any deployment configuration.

The Ceragon platform allows wireless carriers to save significant CAPEX and OPEX as they are able to leverage their legacy Ceragon antennas and radios while performing minimal upgrades to sites improving and expanding the 4G networks. The operators additionally enjoy the IP-20 platform’s backwards compatibility capabilities with legacy Ceragon products installed at remote sites, which significantly reduce implementation times and required site visits, ultimately allowing their network to be up and running quickly with minimal service interruptions.

“We are extremely pleased to see our North American customers embracing the IP-20 platform in their 4G networks expansion projects,” Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon said. “We appreciate the long-term partnerships we have with our customers, and are continuously providing them with a truly best-of-breed portfolio of products that meets their current and future needs.”