Selling Your Fiber Lease

If you receive rent for fiber optic cables or equipment located on your property, you have the option of selling your fiber lease for a one-time lump sum cash payment, a process that is sometimes referred to as “monetizing” your lease or a lease buyout. There are many reasons why fiber lease holders may decide to monetize their lease. The most common reason is that a property owner simply needs money to cover a critical financial need. It could be a medical expense, college tuition, a tax lien or the need for a new vehicle or equipment. Proceeds from a fiber optic lease buyout can be used for any purpose.

Another reason that fiber optic lease holders decide to sell is to pursue an investment objective. Whether that’s investing in a new or existing business, real estate or stocks, bonds or some other type of investment vehicle, the goal is to achieve a greater long term value than the cumulative rent payments over the same time period. Those with this mindset are wary of “opportunity cost,” which is the price of staying in a given investment when other investments may produce a stronger return. It’s the same concept when stock investors sell poor performing stocks in favor of more promising ones.

If you are interesting in selling your fiber optic lease, Landmark Dividend can help. We are one of the nation’s largest and most successful lease acquisition companies, and the only company in our industry that is the general partner of a publicly traded company, Landmark Infrastructure (NASDAQ: LMRK). We help fiber optic landlords achieve greater financial security, and we are known in the industry for our straightforward, streamlined closing process.

If your fiber optic lease qualifies, we are interested in purchasing your fiber lease for a substantial cash payment. There is never a cost or obligation to speak with us about the liquid value of your fiber optic lease. We freely share our vast knowledge about the fiber optic industry, local rents and market trends with our clients.

Please call us today at 1-800-843-2024 for more information, or click here to submit your information online so we can contact you. Even if we don’t complete a transaction, our discussion will leave you better informed about your fiber optic lease, particularly its market value.