InvestorsStable Income and Capital Appreciation from Mission-Critical Infrastructure

Landmark Dividend is a global leader in acquiring real property interests and infrastructure assets in the wireless communication, outdoor advertising and renewable power generation industries. Landmark is also leading industry efforts in digital infrastructure (data centers) and the development of telecom and smart cities infrastructure.  With over 25 years of average industry experience, Landmark principals have completed more than 5,000 transactions totaling more than $1.8 billion.

Landmark is the sponsor of several private investment vehicles and its publicly-traded subsidiary, Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (NASDAQ: LMRK).   Our portfolio consists of real property interests and critical infrastructure assets leased to tower companies and major network operators in the wireless communication industry, outdoor advertising operators in the outdoor advertising industry, power companies in the renewable power generation industries and data center operators in the digital space.



Attractive Returns

The Landmark private Fund investors are designed to deliver current income from the distributable cashflow generated by the portfolio assets.  Historically, the Funds have typically offered a priority return of capital plus a preferred return per annum.  Distributions have been paid monthly during the term of each Fund and the net levered target returns for the Funds have historically been low to mid-teens annually.



Landmark aims to acquire assets that are significantly diversified across industry, tenancy and geography.


Low Volatility and Non-Correlated

Unlike stocks and bonds that may experience substantial volatility, the Landmark private Funds are intended to offer stable current returns that are not subject to the volatility of the publicly-traded markets.



The Landmark private Funds are structured to offer several potential tax-advantaged outcomes.  A portion of the current income may be tax-deferred due to non-cash tax deductions (depreciation and amortization) and the recognized gain on exit is typically treated as a long-term capital gain.  In addition, by utilizing a REIT-blocker structure, the Funds are also able to eliminate state-sourced income and UBTI, thereby allowing for investment from retirement accounts and simplifying tax reporting for certain investors.  In addition, the REIT dividend income is eligible for the 20% qualified business income deduction for certain investors. 


Essential Operating Assets

Landmark acquires assets that it believes are operationally essential to its tenants’ businesses.  Fund assets typically include select digital infrastructure assets (data centers) and the real property interests underneath wireless communication (e.g. cell towers), outdoor advertising (e.g. billboards) and renewable power generation infrastructure assets (e.g. solar farms).


High-Quality Tenants

Assets are primarily leased to large, publicly-traded companies on a long-term, effectively triple net basis with contractual rent increases. Tenants are typically responsible for all real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance capital expenditures and utility expenses.


Active Secondary Market

Approximately $16 billion of select asset sales and financings have been completed over the last 15 years by some of the largest financial firms.  Potential buyers for the Landmark private Funds include institutional investors, pension plans, infrastructure funds, insurance companies, tower companies and Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (NASDAQ: LMRK).

For more information regarding Landmark Private Funds, please contact Investor Relations at 1-800-832-0731 or provide your contact information below.