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Wireless Infrastructure Solution for Municipal and Commercial Entities

Landmark Vertex™ is an innovative wireless infrastructure solution for wireless carriers, municipalities, commercial enterprises, transportation authorities and utility field area networks. The Landmark Vertex™ Colocation Ecosystem is a neutral-host, concealed smart pole that simultaneously supports 4G/5G, IoT, Wifi, security lights and cameras, carrier densification needs, private LTE networks and other wireless solutions through macro, mini macro and small cell deployments.

Landmark Vertex™ offers rapid operations and lower costs and is available ready-made or build-to-suit.

Your 5G Infrastructure Solution

Within the turbulent environment of the 5G build-out, Landmark Vertex™ stands alone as practical but sophisticated colocation infrastructure that provides tenants with a multitude of benefits:

  • Industry-leading infrastructure
  • Rapid colocation for 4G & 5G
  • Favorable cost model
  • Lower operator TCO
  • Provides for capacity & growth
  • Excellent operator experience

The Landmark Vertex™ Ecosystem Creates Value for the Following Sectors:

Stadiums - Arenas
Stadiums – Arenas
High End Commercial
High End Commercial
Transit - Urban Rail
Transit – Urban Rail
Landmark Vertex 21
EV Charging
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Energy Management & Storage
Energy Management & Storage

Landmark Vertex™ has the capacity to meet a wide variety of needs for stakeholders, both as a turnkey and custom-built ecosystem, including the following:

  • Macro and small cell colocation
  • Microgrid ecosystems
  • LED Smart Street Lighting Colocation Solutions
  • Smart city & lot sensors

The Landmark Vertex™ Ecosystem Portfolio

Ecosystem is a portfolio of smart concealment infrastructure that offers a variety of pole options, heights and colocation capacities.

The Landmark Vertex™ Ecosystem Portfolio

Landmark Vertex 22
Landmark Vertex 23
Landmark Vertex 24
Landmark Vertex 25





Landmark Vertex 26

Vertex Macro V1

  • Mini-Macro Class: Dense
  • 40W Output
  • 9 Radio Bays
  • 9 Antenna Bays
  • Custom designed LED Luminaries
  • 4G/5G Max Concealment
  • 12 RRUS LB + HB + Integrated Air
  • Dedicated 5G Integrated Radio Antenna Bays
Landmark Vertex 27

Vertex Macro V2

  • Small Cell class: Dense
  • 20W – 40W Output
  • 3 Radio Bays
  • Custom designed LED Luminaries
  • 4G/5G Dense Concealment
  • (18) mRRUS OR 6 RRUS LB + HB + Integrated
  • Dedicated 5G integrated Radio Antenna Bays
Landmark Vertex 28

Vertex Macro V3

  • Mixed Class
  • 5 – 40W Output
  • 2 Radio Bays
  • Custom designed LED Luminaries
  • 4G/5G Concealment
  • 3 MRRUS + (1-2) RRUS Cantenna Omni Broad Spectrum
Landmark Vertex 29

Vertex Macro V0T

  • Low Power (ROW) Equivalent
  • 5 – 20W Output
  • 1 Radio Bay
  • Custom designed LED Luminaries
  • 4G/5G Concealment
  • 3 MRRUS Cantenna Omni Broad Spectrum
Landmark Vertex 30

Landmark Vertex™ in the Market

The Landmark Vertex™ ecosystem lives up to its name by dynamically meeting the wireless infrastructure needs for multiple sectors in the age of 5G. Whether it’s for the nation’s biggest public transportation hub or a forward-thinking city, Landmark Vertex is a streamlined and sophisticated solution that creates value in many ways.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Landmark Dividend is currently deploying a smart media and communications platform for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), the nation’s largest public transportation network. The DART Landmark Vertex™ ecosystem will provide the following benefits to customers:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Up to 300+ content-rich advertising kiosks with local content & real time data
  • Emergency notification & cameras
  • Public Wi-Fi

City of Lancaster, CA

The city of Lancaster in Southern California chose Landmark’s Landmark Vertex™ ecosystem on over a dozen city-owned properties to help build its new wireless infrastructure, densify its network and embrace smart city technology.

Lancaster will also serve as a testing ground for new technologies including IoT sensors and video monitoring for public safety. Benefits of the Lancaster Landmark Vertex ecosystem include:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Small cell colocation
  • LED smart street lighting
  • Public Wi-Fi

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