Creating Value for Property Owners

Creating Value for Cell, Billboard, Solar and Wind Lease Landlords

Whether you own a cellular, billboard, solar or wind lease, we understand your assets is important to you. Yet with the uncertain financial climate and ever-changing regulatory environment, you may be questioning the potential risks of relying on the income from these assets. What if you could simplify your life and get the liquidity you need in a lump-sum cash payout right now? What if you had the upfront cash to invest in another real estate asset or business, send your kids to college, fund your retirement or explore other opportunities? With Landmark Dividend and our capital solutions, you can.

Fair Value.

We understand and recognize the fair value of your property. Unlike traditional lenders who often don’t place a value on ground leases because, in part, they can be cancelled, we see the inherent value in these assets. We have worked with many property owners just like you and we have the expertise you need.

High Payout.

Our customized structures and tailored solutions allow us to provide you with some of the highest payouts in the industry. Once your Landmark ground lease purchase is complete, you receive a lump-sum payment in full. It provides a way for you to turn your unsecured lease into cash that can be used for any purpose – purchasing another real estate asset, paying off more expensive debt, setting up a trust fund for your children’s education, adding to your funds for retirement or simply preserving your wealth.

Reduced Tax Burden.

With your current monthly lease income, you pay ordinary income tax. But when you convert your lease with Landmark, the lump-sum payment, in most cases, is eligible for the capital gains tax rate. This can significantly lower your taxes, in some cases by 50 percent. In addition, you may qualify for a 1031 exchange, allowing for a full tax deferral. Landmark helps you evaluate all of the tax and business planning issues. Naturally, we recommend that you discuss this with your tax advisor.

Long-Term Value.

Most ground leases can be terminated within 30 to 90 days. Given the mergers and acquisitions taking place in the wireless space and the consolidation underway with media companies, there is no guarantee that your revenue stream will continue in the future. The good news is that by receiving a full up-front payment from Landmark, you can reduce these risks and your reliance on receiving monthly rent checks. Through a lease buyout transaction with Landmark Dividend, you only grant an easement and assign the lease rights to us, not your property as a whole. You retain ownership of your land so you can build long-term value and net worth.

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