Renewable Energy Land FinancingPreserve Capital to Maximize Energy Production Assets

Land Financing for Renewable Energy Developers

Don’t Let the High Cost of Land Acquisition Stall Your Project
If you are a renewable-energy developer looking for a solution to the high upfront cost of acquiring land, Landmark Dividend can help.

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We offer land financing solutions that can get your project up and running faster and become profitable sooner.

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Partnering with Landmark allows developers to use their capital for other project investments, manage their budget and reap tax credits.

Most often, Landmark purchases the land needed for the project and then leases it back to the developer. In some cases, however, the developer will buy the land and sell Landmark a 30-year interest in the land, typically via an easement.

This enables the developer to recoup most of the cost of the land. Landmark then leases the land back to the project company for the 30-year easement term. After 30 years, the easement goes away and the developer gets back all of the land rights.

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