Channel Partners

Landmark Dividend pays a market commission to business professionals, such as residential and commercial real estate brokers and leasing agents, for providing us with referrals that end in a completed transaction. As one of the nation’s largest lease acquisition firms, Landmark Dividend is always looking to purchase ground leases on qualified asset sites for cell towers, billboards, utility-scale solar panels and fiber optic cables.

Property owners often use the strategic capital generated from the sale of their lease to invest in developed or undeveloped real estate, a business or equities. Others use their cash to pay down debt, cover college or medical expenses, or take care of a tax lien. Property owners have the peace of mind knowing that even if their site has a rent reduction or is decommissioned after the sale of their lease, they are unaffected and still get to keep the money.

Here are the key benefits to your clients in working with Landmark Dividend:

  • Highly experienced lease acquisition company.
  • Excellent customer service and clear communication.
  • Fast, streamlined process – our contract is just over one page!
  • Lease sale may be eligible for tax savings through a 1031 exchange.

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