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Landmark Dividend Announces Cellular Site Marketing Division

EL SEGUNDO, CA (January 6, 2015) − Landmark Dividend LLC, the nation’s leader in ground lease acquisitions, has announced the roll out of a new division dedicated to the marketing and development of cellular tower sites. The goal of the new group is to help cellular tower landlords promote their locations to gain additional cellular carriers, and also assist them in executing these new lease transactions.

“Every year, wireless service carriers build new sites to alleviate coverage gaps and reduce strain on their over-taxed existing networks,” said Landmark CEO Jeff Knyal. “Carriers work with companies like Landmark Dividend to locate sites within their markets. They want new sites that support their specific growth plans, satisfy their coverage requirements, and offer ease of zoning.”

Due to the high cost of building new cellular tower locations, wireless carriers often seek agreements with competitors to place new cellular antennas on the competitors’ existing cellular towers, which increases the monthly rent paid to land owners, building owners, churches, and municipalities who have a cellular tower on their property.

In working with Landmark Dividend, cellular site landlords don’t need to worry about capital outlay or administrative overhead, and they have the option of receiving a significant lump sum payment from Landmark in lieu of monthly rental payments from the wireless carrier. Landmark can also collect and disperse rent payments and provide a range of other services.

“Landmark Dividend is in an excellent position to help landlords generate more value from their cellular sites, whether towers or roof top locations,” Knyal said. “We have strong relationships with all of the major wireless carriers, and as pioneers in the ground lease acquisition industry, we offer a high degree of knowledge and experience in putting together win-win transactions that benefit all parties involved.” Formed in El Segundo, CA in 2010, Landmark Dividend acquires ground leases on cellular towers, billboards and alternative energy infrastructures, such as wind turbines and solar farm tracks. It has offices throughout the United States, and also operates in Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.