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Landmark Dividend Introduces Maximum Value Program

Los Angeles, CA (October 12, 2012) – Developed by Landmark Dividend, the Maximum Value Program (MVP) increases the amount of capital provided to cellular and billboard leaseholders. “Our clients are looking for the highest capital payout possible, so we developed a program to put more capital in the hands of landlords, sometimes in as quickly as 8 days. The response to the Maximum Value Program from property owners so far has been remarkable,” said Zach Melvin, Vice President of Acquisitions at Landmark Dividend. When Chris Dunn decided to convert his rooftop cellular leases into capital for investment purposes, he turned to Landmark Dividend.

Mr. Melvin facilitated the Maximum Value Program transaction in September for his client. “Mr. Dunn was looking for the highest payout for his leases possible so I suggested Landmark’s Maximum Value Program. It provides leaseholders, like Mr. Dunn, with a large lump-sum payment and additional payments over a scheduled term. Unlike others in the industry, Landmark’s MVP payments are guaranteed, which is a huge plus for our clients. With the Maximum Value Program, we are able to provide our clients with the capital and security they are looking for,” said Mr. Melvin. “Landmark’s Maximum Value Program provided me with the highest payment available and as the leaders in the industry, I felt comfortable working with them. Their one-page agreement put my mind at ease and the transaction was completed quickly. I am so happy with my experience that I’m recommending Landmark to my associates and friends,” said Chris Dunn.

“I’m really pleased by the overwhelming response the Maximum Value Program is receiving. I attribute the popularity to the fact that it allows landlords with cellular and billboard assets to access more capital than was previously available,” said Dan Parsons Chief Information Officer of Landmark Dividend.