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Landmark Dividend Launches Commercial Real Estate Division

Los Angeles, CA (July 25, 2012) – The increasing number of issues surrounding the sale of property with billboard or cellular tower leases has prompted Landmark Dividend to launch a Commercial Real Estate Division to serve the needs of commercial property owners and realtors who are experiencing difficulties with lenders and the valuation of their property.

Commercial realtor Ian Martin Grusd encountered issues when his client was seeking to sell an investment property with multiple cell towers. “The banks were unwilling to loan any money against the value of the towers, which was affecting my ability to get the price my client desired for the property. We couldn’t walk away from the value of the leases, so we were backed into a corner.” That’s when Grusd discovered Landmark Dividend, the national industry leader in cellular and billboard ground leases. Grusd was able get an immediate top dollar offer for the cellular ground leases that was customized to meet his client’s unique needs. Said Grusd, “Landmark’s professionals worked with us to get the agreement we needed at a price that my client was very pleased with. Their process was transparent; their paperwork was simple and didn’t require legal expertise to understand. Best of all, we closed very quickly.”

“Understanding the needs of the property owner and structuring a deal to meet those needs has enabled Landmark to become the partner of choice for organizations and individuals seeking to capitalize billboard and cellular ground leases. Our experience in this industry, access to capital, focus on innovation and superior service enables us to provide exceptional value for our clients,” states Jeffrey Knyal, CEO of Landmark Dividend.