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Landmark Dividend Offers New Channel Partner Program

EL SEGUNDO, CA (February 18, 2015) − Landmark Dividend LLC is offering cash incentives to business partners who refer ground lease acquisition opportunities. Landmark Dividend buys existing ground leases for cellular towers, billboards and alternative energy infrastructure, such as wind turbines and solar farm tracks.

“From real estate agents to contractors, there are many business professionals who are in contact with our customers on a daily basis,” said Executive Vice President Bruce Rosen, who heads up marketing and sales for Landmark Dividend. “Our Channel Partner referral program provides a substantial financial incentive to partners who introduce us to new customers with a ground lease to sell.”

Channel partners often find that their referral to Landmark Dividend can lead to more than a referral payment. “When our customers sell us their ground lease, they receive a significant lump sum cash payment,” said Executive Vice President Graeme Kavanagh, Head of Business Development for Landmark Dividend. “In many instances, they use that cash to buy real estate, invest in their core business or pay down debt. Others invest their proceeds in the stock market or some other investment. That provides a transaction opportunity for our channel partners.”

Landmark Dividend’s Channel Partner Referral Program is available nationwide. The company has office locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, and greater New York City. Formed in El Segundo, CA in 2010, Landmark Dividend acquires ground leases on cellular towers, billboards and alternative energy infrastructure. It has offices throughout the United States, and also operates in Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.