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Lender Pullback Has Leaseholders Turning to Landmark Dividend for Capital

El Segundo, CA (July 11, 2012) – In a recent survey of major lending institutions conducted by The Federal Reserve, only 5% of the banks reported easing lending for small businesses. The increasingly stringent standards imposed by these traditional lending institutions has dramatically increased the need for alternative capital solutions. Property owners with billboard or cell tower leases have found the answer by capitalizing an asset that was only providing a meager revenue stream. Landmark Dividend enables these leaseholders to access the capital they are looking for without incurring debt or inhibiting the sale of their property, which can typically be associated with other types of funding.

“I was totally unaware that selling the ground lease under my billboard was a possibility until approached by Landmark. I did my due diligence on Landmark and was very pleased with what I found. Landmark is a very professional organization with great credibility. This was very important to me, as my billboard lease was a significant asset and I was unfamiliar with the process,” said AJ Busch, a Salt Lake City resident and client of Landmark Dividend. As the national leader in billboard and wireless ground leases, Landmark Dividend is in a unique position to be able to convert billboard and cellular leases into capital on behalf of their clients. The management team at Landmark is second-to-none, literally having pioneered the ground lease industry, their expertise is unparalleled and their proprietary closing procedure enables funding in as little as 8 days, an industry record recently set by Landmark Dividend.

“We are so pleased to be in a position where we can provide Mr. Busch and our other clients with the quick funding they are looking for. Providing capital solutions to fit our clients’ needs is what Landmark does best and what makes us so passionate about our business,” said Alex Stone, Senior Vice President of Landmark Dividend.