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Bandwidth Needs Boost Demand for Landmark Dividend’s Site Marketing

Los Angeles, CA (August 7, 2012) – Trying to reconcile consumer expectations for faster downloads on mobile internet devices with limited bandwidth and outdated equipment is a major challenge confronting the telecommunications industry. “The largely unforeseen explosion in demand for wireless bandwidth, driven by the appearance of tablets and smart phones, has made it more urgent to ensure a supply for future use,” according to Tom Simonite of Technology Review.

The new LTE and WiMax 4G high-speed technology requires additional bandwidth and thus new equipment and more cellular tower lease sites are needed in order to keep up with the increasing demand. Property owners are turning to Landmark Dividend to market their cellular sites. “As pioneers of the cellular ground lease industry, we know how to effectively market these sites in order for the cell landlord to receive the optimal revenue stream. The cellular leaseholder often decides to capitalize their lease into a lump-sum payment and then we typically market the site on their behalf to be upgraded with new equipment or additional carriers, resulting in new or increased revenue streams for the landlord. The cellular carriers are also benefitted because they get the placement they are looking for. It’s really a beneficial situation for all involved and we’re so pleased to help facilitate these transactions,” said Jeffrey Knyal, CEO of Landmark Dividend.

In order to diversify the risk that their site may become obsolete, some cellular leaseholders are looking at the situation as an
opportunity to convert their lease into capital they can use to fund other investments. Such as cell tower owner Robert Cargill, a client of Landmark Dividend, who recently converted a cellular site into capital. “I was especially pleased when we got to the numbers; it wasn’t difficult to see I had a great deal. The sale provided cash that I can invest in another potentially profitable deal. From beginning to end, this has been the most pleasant real estate deal I have ever made,” said Mr. Cargill of his experience with Landmark Dividend.