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Property Owners Monetizing Ground Leases to Avoid Tax Hike

Los Angeles, CA (November 16, 2012) – The Obama administration has made it clear that taxes will increase for Americans in 2013. Many cellular and billboard leaseholders are taking advantage of this knowledge by converting the lease on their property into capital now. There is quite a strong indication that the increase in taxes will be significant and would add up to a substantial amount on larger sums of income, such as that received from converting a cellular or billboard lease into capital. “If a property owner were considering accessing the capital in their ground lease, I would advise them to do so before the end of the year,” said Oliver Pilco, Vice President of Capital Markets at Landmark Dividend.

“I chose to convert the cellular leases on my rooftop into capital before we see the increase in taxes. I spoke with my financial manager and he said that now was a smart time to make the move and get the capital out of my lease. In total, I would end up with an additional 10%, or even 15%, more than I would have if I waited until 2013. It made perfect sense to me and I knew Landmark was the company I wanted to work with. I’ve gotten to know them over the years and they’ve provided me with industry advice and market knowledge. They’re an upstanding group with my best interests at heart,” said Jesus Rodriguez of San Antonio, TX.

When it comes to converting leases into capital, no one else in the industry has the expertise or experience to match that of Landmark. “We’re aware of the impending raise in taxes and we’ve geared up to handle the increase in demand. We know that leaseholders can save a significant amount in taxes by converting their lease before the end of
the year. We’ve closed transactions in as little as 8 days, there is still time to close and fund before year end and we’re happy to assist them with the transaction,” said George Doyle, CFO and Treasurer of Landmark Dividend.