Site Marketing

Landmark’s Site Marketing Team has developed sites for every major wireless carrier and tower company. Over this time, we have built thousands of new cellular sites, generating billions of dollars of new revenue for our clients. Every year several thousand new wireless sites continue to be built in the United States.

Every year wireless carriers establish their capital budgets. Included in these budgets are network expansion plans. Carriers add sites to fill coverage gaps and to alleviate network congestion, particularly in urban areas. The fact is that if you have an existing tenant on your property, prospective new tenants prefer your site. This is because it has been proven that zoning approvals can be obtained and that you are open to signing a lease with reasonable terms. The tricky thing is getting your property in front of the right people; this is where Landmark Dividend comes in. Landmark Dividend’s Site Marketing team leverages our contacts at the carriers and site acquisition firms to put your site before the decision makers. This is the key to getting a new tenant on your property.

Negotiating a lease can be a confusing and stressful experience with not much information at hand. Our team has negotiated and acquired nearly 10,000 wireless leases over the past fifteen years. As a result, Landmark Dividend has tremendous market knowledge. We use this knowledge to ensure you get the best terms possible, negotiating market rent and rent escalations on your behalf.

Some of our clients prefer a lump sum of cash up front in lieu of payments over the entire lease term. Landmark Dividends offers alternative payment options that allow our landlords to receive a significant lump sum of cash as soon as the new lease goes on air.

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