Landmark Vertex Team

Jeff Mulrennan

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Jeff Mulrennan is Senior Vice President of Business Development, creator and architect of our Landmark Landmark Vertex program. He joined Landmark Dividend in 2011, bringing with him over 25 years of a successful background in telecommunications industry leadership, real estate development and program management expertise as fundamental building blocks for his role with the company.

He manages the development and global partnership activities for Landmark Landmark Vertex and focuses on new project origination, technical consulting, strategic alliances and channel partnerships in support of the growth of the program portfolio. He is also responsible for Landmark Landmark Vertex’s global strategy for our business unit focused in the IOT and Smart City sectors.

Guided by a vision to create Landmark Dividend as an industry leading pioneer, Jeff has become a disruptive force driving key initiatives in our emerging 5G network buildout plan and Electric Vehicle infrastructure development programs.

Solving our partner’s complex business problems is his primary mission and key to forging a path for all industries to benefit from Landmark Dividend’s financial services. Jeff’s goal is to share his knowledge, experience and vision with the ultimate beneficiaries, our landlord customers, partners, shareholders, and investors.