Heather Taylor, Dave’s Auto Sales and Service

I would like to thank Landmark Dividend and the entire underwriting team for the services that you provided in the purchasing of our cellular lease. I really appreciate the time you took to go over the lease and your purchase agreement with us.

If you had not taken the time to point out the differences between your document and your competitor’s I might have made the wrong decision and done business with them. After reviewing the lease with you it was clear that the cellular tenant has more than enough space to sublease to other tenants and that the only person that would benefit from new tenants the way the lease is currently written is the wireless company.

Lastly you delivered on your promise to fund in less than 30 days. We signed your option on March 24th and you funded our transaction by April 21. We highly recommend your service to any landlord interested in selling their wireless leases and will contact you should we ever have any new leases to sell.

Best Regards,
Heather Taylor Dave’s Auto
Chelsea Maine

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