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Twitter Turns to Billboards

New media meets old: Twitter’s new advertising idea is to use old-school billboards to promote itself. Twitter launched its billboard advertisement campaign in New York City in November 2016, with plans to expand the campaign with future launches in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Twitter Turns to Billboards

The billboard aren’t just the name “Twitter” and blue bird, either. The company has taken controversial topics and put them in picture form — think smoke stacks for pollution, polar bears on an iceberg for global warming, guns, cannabis and even the presidential nominees — adding a hashtag to that image and revealing them to the world. Oh yeah, there is a little white Twitter bird in the upper right corner.

But still, it’s a creative and interesting way to at least remind users and consumers about the popular microblogging site. The problem is that Twitter shouldn’t have to remind users about its existence. But that’s the situation it’s found itself in with stagnant user growth. Whether this causes people to take up the debate on the platform remains to be seen.

Source: The Street