Cell Tower Owner Pleased with Closing Process

“Earlier this year my land partnership that owned a cell tower site with a long term rental income stream decided to put the contract up for sale. I had been contacted by Ryan Renfro from the Landmark Dividend Houston office. We had several contacts prior to this year before my partnership was ready to move forward with offers. After talking with Ryan he proceeded to put together a reasonable offer on the cell site. This was done in a professional, low key way without a high pressure sales push which I appreciated.

“After some negotiation we reached a satisfactory value for the site. Then began the preparation of all the legal paperwork for the deal which was considerable. This was handled by the Landmark Dividend closing team in California. My contact was Ms. Jennifer Pouliot. She handled putting together the legal documents with an amazing clarity and smoothness not often found when dealing with reasonably complicated transactions. Even with some legal language tweaking the process took about a month from start to close. Really a quick process for this type of deal. To both Ryan and Jennifer I say, ‘well done.’ It was a pleasure to do business with you.”

Cell Tower Owner Pleased with Closing Process 1

Larry Collmann
General Partner
Collmann Brueck Associates
Austin, TX